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Who we are

Click Home Ltd is a fully licensed Real Estate Agency that was established in 2007. Today we offer a portfolio of more than 5,000 carefully selected properties to choose from. The properties we offer cover a wide range of different types and prices, as we always handle any property request as a unique case.

Our purpose is to bring real estate buyers and sellers closer, while our cost effective multi-channel advertising tools make it easy for Property Developers, Individual Sellers and Landlords to advertise their properties for sale or rent. By using our service, Prospective Buyers can get maximum value for their money, always feeling safe at the hands of real professionals.

The experience we gained in Real estate business through the years allows us to provide Sellers and Buyers with useful advice and tips on what they should be careful while buying or selling a property in Cyprus. We recognize that buying or selling a property is a very serious step in your life. We are here to prepare and assist you with every step of this procedure, making it a pleasant and stress free experience.

Message from the Managing Director

We always try to use the latest internet based technology in creating an effective and straight to the point yet simple and user friendly portal bringing buyers and sellers together. With the experience we gained through the years we try not only to provide a database of properties but go a step further and assist prospective buyers with any piece of advice they might need during and after the purchase process.

I believe that any person dealing with the Property Market should be aware of the importance of his role. Buying or selling a property is one of the most important steps a family or an individual is taking. By understanding this, it is very easy to realize that only by being a real professional you can actually assist people, by providing them with all necessary tools to understand the property market and help them determine and satisfy their needs in full.

As we always try to improve ourselves and our service, I can say that for us reaching one goal is always the starting point of another. Our targets for the future are really very simple. To expand and develop our business using the latest technology available without neglecting the actual reasons that made us establish Click Home Ltd.

The Director,

Stavros Papadouris

Our Mission

Real Estate is much more than a beautiful web site. A web site can be created by any person having the knowledge and the correct tools to do it. Well, that is simply not enough… What is behind any beautiful web site? People!

It takes years of experience and an excellent knowledge of the Market in order to be able to advise people on Real Estate matters. It requires great efforts in order to be updated at all times with any legal changes occurring from time to time. It requires a lot of patience to understand the needs and share the thoughts and worries of each person wishing to Buy or Sell a property.

Bottom line is that our Mission is not to just have a beautiful web site but to have the correct people behind it that can really help.

Our Offices

Click Home Ltd main office is based in Limassol – Cyprus. At the same time we have worldwide associates representing us in other Countries like the UK, Russia, Ukraine and China.

Contact details

International: 00357 2502-6000
Fax No: 00357 2502-8087
E-mail: info@clickhomecyprus.com

Click Home Ltd
23A, Koumandarias Street
3036, Limassol, Cyprus

Our Team

ClickHome staff consists of highly trained professionals that really respect and love what they do. They will never hesitate to take that extra step making the difference between a good and an excellent job. The experience that they gained through the years and the mentality they cultivated allows us to rest in peace that none of their actions will harm the name and reputation of our company in any way. By having full trust in what they do we consider them to be the most valuable asset in our company.

ClickHome Associates

Click Home Associates is a group of worldwide partners growing daily. It consists of companies as well as individuals wishing to promote our services to the general public. We provide each Click Home Associate with all the necessary tools (training, promotional material, web site access etc) so that he/she can effectively promote our services and refer people that qualify as prospective buyers. At the same time Click Home Associates are given the chance through our automated track reports to monitor the progress and history of a client referred to us as well as their earnings.


If you believe you have what it takes to join our team please fill in and submit the following form or send your CV at info@clickhomecyprus.com

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